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There’s nothing so gay
as a stinking cafe
a club where the nightmights rally

There’s nothings so vicious
or costly pernicious
as the life we all lead in the ally

For birthdays and weddings
and airing our bettings
The home is no longer a boon
a private pleasure or vex

We now make public as sex
the salon of today's the saloon

Hello, darling
it’s heaven to see you
Doesn’t she look awful? Get that eye
It’s black, he hit her, I knew it last night
He said he’d kick her teeth out if she got tight
Hello darling, I’m so glad you came by

Happy birthday, we’re singing to you!
Wretched old stew, he must be 102
Imagine admitting another year gone
stingy old boar trying to cheat for us long
nasty smelly bile man cheat jizzling

Why, thank you very much

It’s a happy birthday to...

Cigar, cigarettes
Cigarettes, cigars

The most hateful of all humanity are the ones who check their hats and their cars

Cigars, cigarettes
Cigarettes, cigars

May you break your back if you take your pack into restaurants, clubs, or bars

My wife has gone away (hooray!)
Everybody drink!
My wife has gone away to stay
I put her in the clink

I found a lovely body in an old forgotten trunk
Now Mother’s up the river
and Pappy’s on the junk

Four scotch high,
do with water
one no sugar daquirie
eight tom coblins
sweet martinies
first non shepard drink for me
sixteen zombies
sweet brown swizzles

Okay, you waiters
speak like men!
I’m a bartender not a monkey!
Stop that chattering,
and give me the order again

(Drunk with love
my body aches)

Dorothy, darling,
Let me tell you while he’s singing that tired old urge
The new psychiatrist that I’m going to in the bleeker building says that I’ve got a primate urge

Yes, to sleep with monkeys, marmosets, anything with a big tail—

(Round, and round, because I've—)

I’ll have to go down to the Gargantuem before i get through, don’t you understand it’s my only way of escape!
My god, is he going to sing that thing forever?
Waiter, it’s coming on my again, send out quickly and get me an ape!

Photographer’s flashlights
Destroying the pashlights
Somebody sailing,
ailing, and whailing

Designs for divorces
served with all courses
and that guy with psychic forces
who destroys you with the horses

It’s greedy
It’s gaudy
It’s seedy
It’s baudy
It’s frousy and lousy it’s true,
but I adore it, don’t you baby?
And I think I do 'cos maybe I really mean it

When I say "hello, darling"
to you


from Now Secret Is Told: Songs of Bruz Fletcher, released March 12, 2017



all rights reserved


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a place for our music to exist, a record label since 2014.

based somewhere inbetween upstate new york and berlin.
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