Now Secret Is Told: Songs of Bruz Fletcher

by ♥ Drunk With Love Records ♥

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"Someday, she'll walk out my door...I guess that's what doors are for."

(All proceeds from this compilation will be donated to Casa Ruby, an organization (started by Ruby Jad Corado) in Washington, D.C. for marginalized LGBTQ youth.)

The story of Bruz Fletcher (whose birthday would have been today, March 12th) is one not often told, but it deserves to be heard. An openly gay songwriter in the 20s and 30s, Bruz built up a reputation as a dynamic performer and composer, penning classic songs that celebrated open queerness and gender expression during a time where being visible coincided with unavoidable societal outcast.

In the 21st century, this message could not be more relevant, given recent political tensions and a stronger presence of anti-LGBTQ sentiments worldwide. Although terminology and political nuances in queer communities have changed since the early 20th century (i.e. even in Bruz's songs his vocabulary, typically from an autobiographical perspective, is sometimes outdated), the message is the same: visibility is not violence (despite what certain politicians may try to say) and anything we can do to protect the lives of the entire spectrum of gender expression and sexuality is a step in the right direction towards equality. In other words: don’t let anyone fucking kill you or your friends with bigotry or fear.

This compilation of covers comes from the heart as a tribute to Bruz’s music. His unique union of melodrama with seemingly autobiographical storytelling was the impetus for starting this label in the first place (named after his song “Drunk With Love”), so we are definitely indebted to his songwriting.

We hope after listening to this compilation you see the light in classics like “Spring in Manhattan” as well.


released March 12, 2017

With help from:

Danny Young: speaking (Track 1)
Luke Norris: clarinet (Track 2)
Jane Bryant: backup vocals/drums (Track 4)
Justin Pulver: backup vocals/guitar (Track 4)
Ben Opatut: drums (Track 7)
Joseph Vita: vocals/keyboard (Track 7)



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Karen Walker - Hello Darling!
There’s nothing so gay
as a stinking cafe
a club where the nightmights rally

There’s nothings so vicious
or costly pernicious
as the life we all lead in the ally

For birthdays and weddings
and airing our bettings
The home is no longer a boon
a private pleasure or vex

We now make public as sex
the salon of today's the saloon

Hello, darling
it’s heaven to see you
Doesn’t she look awful? Get that eye
It’s black, he hit her, I knew it last night
He said he’d kick her teeth out if she got tight
Hello darling, I’m so glad you came by

Happy birthday, we’re singing to you!
Wretched old stew, he must be 102
Imagine admitting another year gone
stingy old boar trying to cheat for us long
nasty smelly bile man cheat jizzling

Why, thank you very much

It’s a happy birthday to...

Cigar, cigarettes
Cigarettes, cigars

The most hateful of all humanity are the ones who check their hats and their cars

Cigars, cigarettes
Cigarettes, cigars

May you break your back if you take your pack into restaurants, clubs, or bars

My wife has gone away (hooray!)
Everybody drink!
My wife has gone away to stay
I put her in the clink

I found a lovely body in an old forgotten trunk
Now Mother’s up the river
and Pappy’s on the junk

Four scotch high,
do with water
one no sugar daquirie
eight tom coblins
sweet martinies
first non shepard drink for me
sixteen zombies
sweet brown swizzles

Okay, you waiters
speak like men!
I’m a bartender not a monkey!
Stop that chattering,
and give me the order again

(Drunk with love
my body aches)

Dorothy, darling,
Let me tell you while he’s singing that tired old urge
The new psychiatrist that I’m going to in the bleeker building says that I’ve got a primate urge

Yes, to sleep with monkeys, marmosets, anything with a big tail—

(Round, and round, because I've—)

I’ll have to go down to the Gargantuem before i get through, don’t you understand it’s my only way of escape!
My god, is he going to sing that thing forever?
Waiter, it’s coming on my again, send out quickly and get me an ape!

Photographer’s flashlights
Destroying the pashlights
Somebody sailing,
ailing, and whailing

Designs for divorces
served with all courses
and that guy with psychic forces
who destroys you with the horses

It’s greedy
It’s gaudy
It’s seedy
It’s baudy
It’s frousy and lousy it’s true,
but I adore it, don’t you baby?
And I think I do 'cos maybe I really mean it

When I say "hello, darling"
to you
Track Name: Jake Bellissimo - Spring in Manhattan
Summer, winter, fall
I adore them all,
but in april or in may
a day is born
that makes me say...

I wanna sing because it’s spring in Manhattan
I’m so glad to be alive
There’s a little tree just across the street from me
I wanna shout, the leaves are out
and soon a bluebird will arrive

The winter’s gone, the spring is on in manhattan
High above my head the sky is blue
There’s sunshine in the air
Throw away your coat and care
It’s spring, Manhattan sings for you
Track Name: Katie Preston - She's My Most Intimate Friend
She's my most intimate friend. And naturally, I shan’t say a word.
It doesn’t make a bit difference to me
what the papers have printed and what anyone’s heard.
'cos I like her.

Of course, I don’t entirely approve of her killing her husband,
but never-the-less, he was the logical person for her to kill.
And she did do it nicely, we all must confess.

She's never been mentally sound, you know.

As a child, she had a murderous trend
I was with her when her brother fell in the well
Of course I'd never admit it because she's my most intimate friend

Her mother was that sexy Amy Tiddlemouse
you remember we all found her rather queer.

And her father was a manic depressive, well, haven't you heard?
He's been in San Quentin for over a year!
So, she comes by it naturall.

She's such a pretty girl, too.
I thought it was disgusting of that physician to feel compelled to tell everyone in the court about her incurable poisonous ivy condition.

She had so many beaus, I think he did it for an ad.
A wretched trick to further his own end.
He got every man in town for a patient!

Of course, I knew it was true, she's my most intimate friend.
And, after all, I did try to efend her.
I said she was drunk when she shot him.
Why she'd be drinking like crazy for days? She was blind, it's miraculous that she got him.

She's what she is and of course she'll never mind. She's an intro ultra extrovert, but so what? She's my most intimate friend.

I know she's diseased, I know she's insane. I know she can only be appeased with a lash and champagne
I know Leslie fired for her actions with the girls and I know why she poisoned her mother: she wanted the pearls.

I know all about the battalion that she left too weak to walk and I know about the stallion, that was only talk.

I know they call her house the hutch and compare her to the rabbit
and I know exactly just how much black magic she does on the sabbath.
In fact, I know a lot of things I could tell if I would
but a gossip I never want end.
Wild horses couldn't drag one word from my mouth,
after all, she's my most intimate friend.

And dope.
Lord, she has stuck herself with that needle.
So many holes front and back,
if she had any inner radiance
she’d be a living tower of jewels.
It’s a shame for the tourists
that her soul is so black.
I like her and you can't get me to say one bad thing about her.
Track Name: Ben Morey - Human News Reel
A story of the interesting little people whom we meet in the newsreel theaters of the world,
I meet the furious curious penurious people of the day and in their funny way, haha, I find them very gay
I learn the history, blister mystery tales of love and hate of the very small and the very great… wait.

Flood time in the south.
Once again the mighty mississippi overflows her banks and floods the once arid city of Flutesville, Alabama
We hear of the disaster from one of its survivors miss lucy debussy, Miss Debussy:

I was giving a music lesson in the home of a Mrs. Wesson when the flood began
The family ran but I stayed true to my Chopin.
The people left and took two boats while I was playing my silvery notes and then the piano floated away and I was left without no pay.
I held my music in my mouth and swam upstream away from that South.
I met my folks in Cincinnati but they turned their backs cause i looked so ratty. that’s my family for you.

A famous hollywood entrepreneur gives business hints.
This brave tailored little woman reveals all.

I started in a salad shop
and beat my way right to the top
I found more money in Miss Garbo's legs
Than I did whipping up four dozen of eggs,
They stood up for me in that western town
'cos I whipped so hard they could not sit down.
If you want to make money my advice to you
is to save your paddle and sell your canoe.

After working for forty years, Mrs. Daisy Wiggle has finally completed a dollhouse made entirely of human hair.
This tiny elfin little dwelling contains one hair from every nation and notable in the world, Miss Wiggles:

Pulling hair is lots of fun you really aught to try it (hehe)
from kings and queens and everyone I’ve snipped hairs on the quiet
They never miss a strand or so don’t even know they’re gone.
and if they turn around you know I merely scamper on.
I’ve lovely hairs from horses tails and apes and marmosets.
I have elephant hairs as tough as nails and lots of grand barettes.
Of course, I never did believe this work would make me rich, you silly.
but I'll take it apart someday and weave myself a beautiful switch.

The citizens of Umlaut, Arizona were amazed today to find Mrs. Gaspo,
a resident fortunately not from the town proper walking in the streets completely nude.
Mrs. Gaspos claimed that shed be attacked by a swarm of locusts and refused to be ashamed of her lack of clothing, Mrs. Gaspos:

I was riding leisure-like to town when a swarm of locusts settled down
On me and Mavey (thats my horse)
and they bit and chawed with all their force.

They let poor mavey clean away
They let my clothes and my hair turned gray.

Now here I am, like I was born
and them rascals are yelling september morn.
It ain't september, them sassy little brats
ought to give me there coats and a tip of their hats.
I’m a church going woman and I ain't worried.
I’m gonna buy a new horse and I won’t be hurried.

May get a dress if my money hold out.
Boys, look at me and learn what it’s about.
Track Name: Maud Scheltinga - Get It Up, Kitty!
You don't have to worry 'bout breaking my heart
My money is all in trust, ain't that a pity?
All you gotta worry bout, is doing your part
Get it up, get it up, kitty!

You're fakin', you're taken
It's breaking me down
So stop being wild, thee, and witty
I believe the time has come for you to quit acting dumb
Get it up, kitty!

While I've been paying you've been playing
me, like a cat, plays a mouse
but now I'm fed up
You've made your bed up
I'm in it this minute, my luscious little louse
You've held up my end with your old tired tail of being all alone in this big city

but your mattress I observe
has a double company curve
so get it up, get it up, kitty!

You've been platonic with me
felt like my sister oh gee
I have relatives galore
but I'm looking for a more
or less
undressed company.

Get it up, get it up, kitty!
Get it up, get it up, kitty!
Get it up, get it up, get it up, kitty!
Get it up!


(Original lyrics not used in this version)

stop saying we'll spoil our friendship
ill be the captain and ten ship
you can be the crew if you polish off the screw
da dum lets go to sea

...You must think that I’m Rome and you’re Nero
to keep fiddling while I’m burning
but tonight I don’t go home a zero
To give a twist a twist, you’re the worm that’s turning
You’re not a lass with a lack
of saying you’re flat on your back
but very truly I won’t believe you til you lie
Which is why you’re being laid out by me

It’s dividend time on the old divan
and I’m going to clip the joint pretty
so rustle off your bustle and hustle to the tussle
Get it up and build it up, get it up and keep it up
get it up, get it up, Kitty
Track Name: devon mello - Lei From Hawaii
A little national geographic dedicated to our neighbors in the pacific...

Traveler, travelers, do a favor for me
on the beach by Waikiki
by the blue Hawaiian sea
Buy me, buy me something simple and sweet

Something I will always love
Something I’ve been dreaming of
Bring me a lei from Hawaii
I’ve wanted a lei for so long

I can’t get one here, they’re entirely too dear

but Hawaiians give lei’s for a song

Don’t bring me a short lei or one that’s too portly
and thin leis I don’t like at all
While you’re gone I will yearn, but when you return

I’ll be expecting a lei when you call

Leis, ladies and gentlemen 10 cents a lei
give your girl a lei mister i bet she’d love one
10 little pennies for one beautiful lei
Take one home to mother she’s not had one in a long time

If she doesn’t know what to do with it, she can put it around her neck
Leis ladies and gentlemen, leis for sale
Try this one over on your piano, leis look lovely on a piano

Some look better on a couch
and I’ve known a couple of peculiar people who like leis on the floor
and even a lei farmer fashion in the hay. (hey hey!)

It’s not a cultivated taste
like olives, it's natural
and even an old stale lei has a bit of reminiscent charm

Leis, ladies and gentlemen, 10 cents a lei

While you’re gone I will yearn,
but when you return,
I’ll be expecting that lei when you call
Track Name: black tar heroin - Drunk With Love
I'm drunk, drunk with love
My body aches

Just one shot, that's all it takes
To make me cry and tell you why

I'm drunk, dead drunk with love

Rotten liquor, mostly gin
Every club I stumble in
'Round and 'round, because I've found

She likes me drunk with love

Every morning I swear that I'm
gonna try something new

Then I feel her, her hands hurt
and I don't care what I do

Someday, she'll walk out my door
...I guess that's what doors are for

And when I slam it, she'll say "goddammit!
He's drunk, dead drunk with love!"