Constance All Grown Up

by Devon Mello

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“then the sirens stopped and the room stopped moving”

On his second album with Drunk With Love Records, Devon Mello builds up a sturdy foundation of simple arrangements and lo-fi recordings, combining detailed lyricism with pounding piano and guitar. Preaching like a deranged Randy Newman at a mass, the music brings your mind to a hush to direct your attention to new places you’ve never been afraid of before.


released December 15, 2015

Written, performed, recorded, and produced by Devon Mello

Mastered by Jake Bellissimo



all rights reserved


♥ Drunk With Love Records ♥ hell, Michigan


a place for our music to exist, a record label since 2014.

based somewhere inbetween upstate new york and berlin.
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Track Name: October 17
reach into yesterday kissing sun sick
eyes returning to blood stained teeth

see the dark patches surrounding my eyelids
and see the cracks in your pirouettes

one day you’ll meet someone like me
one day i could use someone like you

every stranger
makes me feel safer
and every person
seems more beautiful

i’ll move in close
and smell flowers blooming
then the sirens stopped
and the room stopped moving

i heard my name being loved
i heard my name being lost
Track Name: Olde English
me and u in this empty room
i’ll kiss your cheek and leave a bruise
avert your haze from the solstice
if u get cold, we’ll layer up soon

i send u a happy new year
put bottles on the wall
lost in the sparks
wishful thoughts won't fall

its coming our way through the dark
we won’t get lost outside again
kiss me sweet and kiss me fast
i should have made this moment last

and i can’t be what u need,
i am stuck in a dream
drowning in transparency
time drags u away from me

i’ll call u when i grow my hair
we’ll both match at the shoulders
i hope u find someone for u
just know i want you too

kiss your cheek, tattoo a bruise
Track Name: Charlie Charlie Charlie
my new father tells me how to live
but i won't listen to the advice that he gives
he took an 8 ball and drove straight to a tree
now he says he's doing better then me

my new mother says that she loves me
she hopes to forget me hanging from a tree
wrists split open maple running dry
that winter that i thought i was gonna die

my ex lover says that i don't listen
unlike her i am a human being
4 straight days satan livin inside of me
i cried at night thought she was gonna murder me

my best brother says satan isn't real
that just means that god isn't real
i'm gonna be killed by your 7 horse cascade
and tell my father the son sick will fade

oxy in my blood tells me how to sin
i know better and know he's a demon
i know better and know she's a demon
i know better and know i'm a demon

you won't take me away
you won't take me upstate
vcr help me die
bury me in a field of lily's

mother don't cry
Track Name: Clementine
christ died for us and our homes
broke bread so we won’t die alone
praying at the dinner table
call my name cause i’m not able
to finish growing up
we're growing up
and we’re feeling cuts
and we're filling cups
mother i’m not doing well
call it early sleep on window sill
i'll sleep early in cigarette smell

i wanna go wherever clementine goes

i'll put my head in the oven
cause darkness walks the earth
turn my head and walk into hell
move away from my fathers curse
and i hate to say i love you
but goddamn you know its true
and i hate to say i love you
but you know that i do

i wanna go wherever clementine goes
Track Name: Haunt
you’ll say it first
and i’ll say it last
in the backseat you’ll touch yourself
in the kitchen there’s dinner for you

i’ll take some pills
and puke for you soon
you say u don’t belong
on the sofa where we fucked when we were young

lying on the seat of your best friends car
wondering how to tell them you’re in love
but it won’t be nice
in the backyard there’s two graves for ourselves

listen to the gun listen to the gun
i watch video drugs i watch video drugs
getting out of bed is the hardest part
you only listen to the radio

keep me out of your prayers i don’t belong there
keep me out of your prayers i don’t belong there
in a shower for two
in the other room there’s a shower for you
Track Name: Pink Boy Smooth Woman
constance talks she says to me
"doctors pills fill my body"
drink the bleach drink it quickly
smell the festival of lily's
satans love how it fills me

constance gets high in her bed
hides her knives in her head
she used to frown when she bled
now she says god is dead
i should be with her instead

my angels gone crazy
wearing crowns with thorny fires
constance is becoming undone
blue lip steering wheel going numb
remember when she used to have fun

a bible signed with her blood
constance is in need
of a friend not in her head
laughing at her beliefs
she'll never wear the clothes she buys

she's gonna burn this fucking church down to the ground
under the loving gaze of christ
just like the day of her birth
born in death what was life worth

i wanna be the humming bird
outside your window at night
when you're sad i'll lull you deep
death is just another sleep

death is just another sleep
Track Name: Untitled 01
saw you on the subway corner
you were wearing your new sundress
on your way to catch a fella
dressed to the nines in his sunday best

and i wish things were simple

waking up my eyes wrinkled
smelling coffee on your desk
youre sitting in the kitchen
with a book against your chest
holdens holding onto something, something fake
goddamn give it a rest, can't seem to catch a break

and i, i'm a simple man
i'm a simple man
i'll lay
your funeral bed i'll stay, i'll lay

shoot me out of the circus
your hair in braids deceive us
she fell in love with the gun

so i'll walk the night alone
i'll go to the street that you own
where the cul de sac becomes a home

drive as fast as you can they're shooting to kill
Track Name: VCR Reunion
don't look at me that way
since you figured me out
feel the truth down your spine
that fear you're talking about

watch the ocean become a culdesac
clove in between red lips
watch you arch your back

see the ceiling sunlight swim

it won't happen again
i swear it won't again
and i know you're mad and i want to go to bed
but you're screaming and i'm dreaming
and its happening again
don't touch me when
transparent pieces come tough
you're on your swing
i'm sniffing glue for a touch

and father said i was raised in his hands
and mama said im the lucky one till the very end

see the ceiling sunlight swim

clouded in mystery
isabel talked about that girl who hanged herself from oak trees
from her blonde curls
imagine my surprise if i glanced out my window to see her neck snap
some trees don't stand long
but this was stronger then that

and i know you have my friends
and i know your knees are weak
i don't wanna make amends
i just wanna hear u speak