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A story of the interesting little people whom we meet in the newsreel theaters of the world,
I meet the furious curious penurious people of the day and in their funny way, haha, I find them very gay
I learn the history, blister mystery tales of love and hate of the very small and the very great… wait.

Flood time in the south.
Once again the mighty mississippi overflows her banks and floods the once arid city of Flutesville, Alabama
We hear of the disaster from one of its survivors miss lucy debussy, Miss Debussy:

I was giving a music lesson in the home of a Mrs. Wesson when the flood began
The family ran but I stayed true to my Chopin.
The people left and took two boats while I was playing my silvery notes and then the piano floated away and I was left without no pay.
I held my music in my mouth and swam upstream away from that South.
I met my folks in Cincinnati but they turned their backs cause i looked so ratty. that’s my family for you.

A famous hollywood entrepreneur gives business hints.
This brave tailored little woman reveals all.

I started in a salad shop
and beat my way right to the top
I found more money in Miss Garbo's legs
Than I did whipping up four dozen of eggs,
They stood up for me in that western town
'cos I whipped so hard they could not sit down.
If you want to make money my advice to you
is to save your paddle and sell your canoe.

After working for forty years, Mrs. Daisy Wiggle has finally completed a dollhouse made entirely of human hair.
This tiny elfin little dwelling contains one hair from every nation and notable in the world, Miss Wiggles:

Pulling hair is lots of fun you really aught to try it (hehe)
from kings and queens and everyone I’ve snipped hairs on the quiet
They never miss a strand or so don’t even know they’re gone.
and if they turn around you know I merely scamper on.
I’ve lovely hairs from horses tails and apes and marmosets.
I have elephant hairs as tough as nails and lots of grand barettes.
Of course, I never did believe this work would make me rich, you silly.
but I'll take it apart someday and weave myself a beautiful switch.

The citizens of Umlaut, Arizona were amazed today to find Mrs. Gaspo,
a resident fortunately not from the town proper walking in the streets completely nude.
Mrs. Gaspos claimed that shed be attacked by a swarm of locusts and refused to be ashamed of her lack of clothing, Mrs. Gaspos:

I was riding leisure-like to town when a swarm of locusts settled down
On me and Mavey (thats my horse)
and they bit and chawed with all their force.

They let poor mavey clean away
They let my clothes and my hair turned gray.

Now here I am, like I was born
and them rascals are yelling september morn.
It ain't september, them sassy little brats
ought to give me there coats and a tip of their hats.
I’m a church going woman and I ain't worried.
I’m gonna buy a new horse and I won’t be hurried.

May get a dress if my money hold out.
Boys, look at me and learn what it’s about.


from Now Secret Is Told: Songs of Bruz Fletcher, released March 12, 2017



all rights reserved


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